God Bless Our Troops


Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II, Memorial Fund

Support Our Wounded

Supporting Our Wounded Servicemen/Women  

Suffering From

Post Traumatic Stress and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries

            Our Memorial Fund is devoted to give back to our wounded warriors for their dedication and commitment to defend our freedom.

There is a great need as the numbers of our injured warriors suffering from PTS and TBI injuries continues to grow each year,  to pair the warriors up with a service dog that enables the soldier to return to society and become productive and most of all to move their lives forward.  It is impossible to determine just how many of these service dogs  will be necessary to outfit our heroes.  These dogs are sponsored for $15,000.00 each to train and to pair up with a wounded warrior.  Through the K9 Sgt. Denny Project we have sponsored 28 dogs, which have graduated the program along with their wounded warrior and are dedicating their lives to aid, support and love our wounded warriors.

At each fund raiser that we promote, we request individuals to join us in our effort to assist our fund in providing these wounded men/women with service dogs.  The public has been overwhelmingly supportive of the projects and our efforts by making additional donations earmarked for this purpose.

We are proud to announce that additional funds were earned through our A Toast to Dennis in September of 2015,  to sponsor 10 additional dogs this year.  We are hopeful that these dogs and wounded warriors will graduate from the program and live a productive life together.

These service dogs empower our wounded warriors to move forward with their fragile lives, oftentimes crippling them mentally to the point of their refusing to leave their homes and to face society as a whole.  With the aid and comfort of these dogs at their sides, the soldiers can proceed to put their lives back together and reestablish themselves in society.  All of the dogs in the program that we utilize are rescued dogs, so not only are we rescuing the lives of the soldiers, but we are also rescuing the lives of the dogs.

Please join us as we continue our mission of providing support to improve the moral and welfare of our servicemen/women through this project.